Powershell Instructor-Led Online Webinar Training Chennai

Powershell Instructor-Led Online Webinar Training Chennai. SmartEntry training enhance your skills in scripting language to automate the administrative tasks.

Aim To Achieve

You can feel the difference of Power shell Administrator


20 Hours

Course Fees

Online         : Rs.8K
Class Room : Rs.16K


This course covers the importance of infrastructure automation in DATA Center and Cloud. This training model will enhance your career in Powershell scripting and being infrastructure administrator would help to atomate a provisioning cloud services.
Our PowerShell training excels by learn from the fundamental and understand to expertise the scripting language in Azure Cloud also. No administrator survive in MNC Jobs without PowerShell. We are branded best PowerShell training institute in Chennai maintaining as best player in Chennai.
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Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Windows PowerShell
Module 2: Overview of Microsoft Windows PowerShell
Module 3: Building Pipelines for Assembly-Line Style Processing

Module 4: Managing Processes and Formatting Cmdlet Output
Module 5: Introduction to Scripting with Microsoft Windows PowerShell

Module 6: Administering Active Directory with Microsoft Windows PowerShell